Tuesday, 18 September 2012

SBAfl Workshop for SRLumapas in progress

(Bengkel Program Penilaian Kendalian Sekolah untuk Pembelajaran)

Monday, 17 September 2012. Sekolah Rendah Lumapas undergoes SBAFl workshop. Highlighting the types of assessments (Summative and formative),  learning intentions and Success criteria, rubrics and other aspects in the SBAFL implementations.

SBAfL is a vital part of SPN21 which has been approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE). This system makes provision for several major educational changes inspired by the Brunei Vision 2035.

SBAfL requires teachers, students and parents to work together under the guidance of the MOE to enable all students to progress from Year 1 to Year 10/11 with the knowledge and skills they will need in order to be well-educated and highly skilled; the character needed to live a high quality of life; and the knowledge and understanding, thinking and practical skills, they will need to make Brunei Darussalam a country recognized everywhere as having a dynamic and sustainable economy.

The aim of the workshop was to expose  teachers to the concept and implementation of SBAfL and to help teachers understand the various tasks of assessment and assessment of tasks in school.

The workshop also aimed to help teachers practise how various assessments can be adapted in teaching when in the classroom.

One of the aspects that was given attention and has gone through many obvious changes is the method of assessments, It is part of teaching and learning and is not only carried out with tests. It is also a way of collecting relevant information about a student's development and performance.

At the same time, teachers can involve students in their evaluation through qualitative feedback that can help students know their level of learning.

The main aim of SBAfL is to improve learning performance and increase the student's responsibility in their own learning. The trainee teachers hopes that the workshop would give the needed guidance and clarification that would be useful to all teachers.



Hopefully through the workshop of SBAfL would give impacts towards learning & teaching outcomes. Teachers' strong commitment in making the implementation a success is foremost of great importance. Anyway, we believe they can deliver the best & desired outcomes for the benefit of our young Bruneians... Go for it!!!

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